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She achieved graduated in Architecture on 1993, and at the present moment is researching and teaching at the Department of Architecture, University of Palermo.

Her scientific activity is centered on Design for Sustainability and in particular in the field of materials for the design and the relationship between design, territory and environmental sustainability. More in details it is focused on the product and process innovation, through the knowledge of materials and technologies, paying attention to innovative materials, recycled materials, biodegradable and their life cycle. This research approach has applications in teaching and projects within the Sicilian territory, offering design as a tool to strengthen the local identity and the synergies between institutions, authorities and the different actors of the Sicilian production.

Currently, she is committed on the following research themes:

* The role of design in craft and in food to promote local products;

* Design for sustainable innovation;

* Design for Circular Economy

* The role of design in the interpretation of the materials with particular attention to the secondary raw materials and materials renewable;

* Multifunctional and Sustainable Packaging

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Design and agrifood for new sustainable local development

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  • Affiliation Department of Architecture, University of Palermo, Italy

Architect, Designer and Associate Professor of Design.

Head of the Design School at Politecnico di Torino (Italia); founder and scientific responsible of Innovation Design Lab. ( Founder of Observatory of Eco-Pack (OEP).

From 2015 is Communication Workpackage Scientific Advisor of Polito GreenTeam and he working polytechnic delegate at the RUS education work table (Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile - CRUI -

He has been coordinator of national and international projects, and team partner of many international projects. Editor about innovation design, eco-design and sustainability for the major design magazines.

He is author of “Design Sostenibile, oggetti, sistemi e comportamenti” (Sustainable Design, objects, systems and behaviors), Electa – Milano Italia, and of more than 100 publications (books, scientific articles, proceedings, …).


Sustainable Interaction for Mobility System

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  • Affiliation .

The environmental impact of product production and consumption is gradually receiving attention. Visualization of
carbon footprint is one of the main methods for promoting and developing sustainable products, and it is gradually
receiving widespread attention from the international community. This paper first summarizes the current research
status of carbon footprint and carbon footprint identification at home and abroad, and finally proposes a design
method and implementation approach of carbon footprint visualization service system based on the product life cycle.

Authors: Chenyang Sun, Jun Zhang. 

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  • Affiliation es. Design Department, Politecnico di Milano
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