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beijing oral Fei Hu

Hu Fei, Ph.D., professor, doctoral tutor, young scholar of the “Changjiang Scholars Award Program” of the Ministry of Education, Executive Dean of the School of Art and Design of Guangdong University of Technology, Executive Director of the China Experience Design Development Research Center, and Sustainable Design of Guangdong Province Director of the Innovation Engineering Technology Research Center and leader of the Guangdong Province Experience Design Integration Innovation Research Team. Rooted in China's manufacturing industry, it is committed to user-centered integrated innovation design research and practice. He has presided over more than 20 national and ministerial projects; published 12 translations and published more than 50 papers. He was honored by Guanghua Longteng, the top ten outstanding young people in China's design industry, the May 1st Labor Medal of Guangdong Province, and the outstanding teachers of Nanyue.

Oral Presentations:

Study on the Service Design of Urban Young Drifters Community


User Experience in Design Targeting Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study of "Shanju Renovation" Activity in Magang Village

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