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Study on the Service Design of Urban Young Drifters Community

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Aiming at the housing problem of urban young drifters, this paper explored the community service mode which conformed to the needs of urban young drifters from the perspective of service design. Based on the Service Experience Engineering method, this paper took " YOU+ International youth Community" as the research case and studied the demand trend research through context research, user research and demands analysis. Moreover, this paper studied the service value network in terms of the stakeholder, the business model research and completed the service prototype through the service blueprint and the service contact. With the study of the present living situation of young drifters, this paper grasped the value of young drifters, synthesized various design means, constructed a ‘habitation plus living’ community service model which conformed to the characteristic of young drifters. In this way a sustainable circle of value creation would be created, and the mutual benefit of the young drifters, the community and the city would be finally realized.

Authors: Fei Hu, Yumeng Jin , Xing Xu

Additional Info

  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: China

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