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The paper presents the results of studies on sustainable mobility, conducted by a multidisciplinary research group. The aim of the activity is to design and assemble a totally modular and innovative bus. This vehicle, designed for sustainable mobility in Italian cities and sites of monumental artistic interest, is equipped with the latest generation of electric motors and batteries. It will therefore be made with environmentally friendly materials. The project aligns with the most recent European research lines on the theme "Building an integrated intelligent transport system". The methodological approach used is oriented towards the creation of a "collaborative ecosystem" between researchers and companies for the definition of a working prototype. The work is in line with the European guide on eco-sustainability of products, the reduction of pollution in urban centers and the so-called "circular economy" that minimizes the risk of non-recyclable waste. The project includes the main specialized multidisciplinary sectors.

Authors: Francesco Fittipaldi, Patrizia Ranzo, Rosanna Veneziano

Additional Info

  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: Italy

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