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Designing for climate change for all——A Media and Communication Design course to increase public awareness

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In order to proactively respond to the 13th category of Climate Change in UNESCO SDGs, the course of Media and Communication Design for Climate Change is designed to deliver comprehensive future-oriented design methodology to inspire and increase public sensibility and awareness about the vigorous environmental and human health situation caused by global warming and pollution.

The course introducedthe tools and methods of design upfront, to assist the students in addressing the issues, analysing the logic and, more importantly, building up capability to imagine the future and inspire potential short, mid- and long-term solutions. After 2-week practice, the students had chance to create design works in various medias and circumstances by different design approaches. Through intensive collaborations with students, the course aims to empower the practitioners to confront the fundamental changes at every level of society, and embrace the social innovation in more effective and dynamic ways of design.

Authors: Bo Gao, Glenda Drew, Jesse Drew

Additional Info

  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: China

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