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beijing oral Glenda Drew

Glenda Drew is a critical maker whose research is based at the intersections of visual culture and social change, with a particular emphasis on the working class. The content of her work is rooted in creating messaging with greater social implications, encouraging behavior change and practicing engaged scholarship of placemaking. Her subjects include country musicians, waitresses, feminists and precarious workers. She approaches her work with an organic sense of play, exploration and curiosity tempered by the design discipline with the goal of making meaningful work. Drew was an active member of Paper Tiger Television in San Francisco for several years, a defining experience that continues to anchor and shape her work, from the DIY aesthetic and approach aimed at unpacking media technologies, to creating accessible media that asks critical questions about media. Drew exhibits her work nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include PL!NK at the Crocker Museum of Art (Sacramento), Cliteracy at the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art (Davis), pixeldust at ISEA 2017 (Colombia, South America) and was recently featured in Bitch! A Feminist Response to Pop Culture magazine, The Washington Post and Leonardo Journal. She is currently a Professor of Design, specializing in digital media, at UC Davis. 

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Designing for climate change for all——A Media and Communication Design course to increase public awareness

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