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Exploring Fog Harvesting in Europe: Characteristics and Guidelines For A Sustainable City Model

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Water availability affects the economy, social relations and environmental security in regions. As groundwater supplies are diminishing, and global water demand is increasing (United Nations, 2015), new nature-based technological solutions are highly desirable. Recently, the water scarcity crisis is also starting to affect Europe. In order to relieve the stress on traditional fresh water resources, fog-collection technologies stand as a promising alternative solution. Thus, this study developed the NebulaProject to maximize the ecology of system boundary processes and offer fog harvesting as sustainable opportunities in the Switzerland Alps and Northern Italian region. The project is used to inform policymakers understand tailor nature-based sustainable solutions in cities, based on their unique geography, climatic conditions, and social characteristics. Active involvement of citizens is fundamental for the functioning of those systems, especially if combined with promotion strategies, data gathering systems and gamification processes.

Authors: Gloria Morichi, Gabriela Fernandez, Lucas B. Calixto


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  • Venue: Mexico

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