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Artistic craftsmanship vs degradation risk of historical areas

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This paper aims to focus on the relationships between artistic craftsmanship, as activity characterized by a cultural content and a form of distributed economy, and the quality of the anthropic environment. If the environment generated forms of craftsmanship, can we hypothesize that new handicraft activities can regenerate the degraded environment?

In this historical moment, design seems to embrace two areas that just few years ago were separated: technological innovation in production methods and craftsmanship.

The ART LAB NET project, funded by the Interreg program, aims to train artisans towards new technologies, and support them to innovation. A parallel objective is based on the specific case of the historic district of Sanremo called La Pignaand seeks to stimulate the redevelopment of the anthropized environment in its physical, economic and social complex.

ART LAB NET organizes events and training activities aimed at supporting artistic craftsmen wishing to settle in historical building areas.

Authors: Adriano Magliocco, Maria Canepa


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  • Venue: Mexico

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