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milan oral Kurtis Ulrich

Kurtis Ulrich is a recent graduate from the Masters of Natural Resource Management program at the University of Manitoba’s Natural Resource Institute (NRI), in Winnipeg Manitoba and holds an undergraduate degree in political science. His thesis, “Prescribed Fire and Design: Two Biocultural Design Case Studies from Northwestern Ontario” explored wildfire management issues and the use of design thinking for assessing management outcomes and developing future wildfire management strategies. He is currently working as a research assistant for Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt, of the NRI, on a biocultural design and innovation project looking at innovation in small scale food systems in Manitoba, Canada. In addition, Kurtis is the co-owner and creator of a wildfire risk and adaptation consulting firm, which aims to apply the principles of biocultural design in the context of wildfire risk reduction and adaption in communities in Canada’s boreal forest.

Oral Presentations:

Crafting sustainability through small, local, open and connected enterprises on the Canadian Prairies: The case of Manitoban Craft breweries

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  • Affiliation: University of Manitoba

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