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milan oral Jotte de Koning

Jotte de Koning is an Assistant Professor of Design for Sustainability at Delft University of Technology (TUD). Her expertise lies in the field of participatory design, sustainability transitions and systems thinking. Her research is focused on co-creation processes between different actors in sustainability transitions. She explores how methods from the field of Participatory Design and approaches of Design thinking are relevant for different stakeholders in sustainability transitions.

She previously worked as a doctoral researcher on design, co-creation and sustainable consumption behaviour in Vietnam. As a postdoctoral researcher she worked on the cross-section of design and transition management with a specific focus on tools and participation in cities.

Jotte has published articles on sustainable consumption behaviour among the urban middle class of Vietnam; on the concept of co-creation and participatory design; and during her postdoctoral research she has published articles on participatory design and the complexity of sustainability transitions in cities.

Oral Presentations:

Design and Transition Management: Value of Synergy for Sustainability


Additional Info

  • Affiliation: es. Design Department, Politecnico di Milano

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