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Farm Ontology: a System Thinking approach for planning and monitoring farm activities

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Farm Ontology (FO) defines a new and flexible conceptual model used as unique standard in every task of farm modelling. FO considers the farm-system as a whole to achieve its structural and functional aspects in an integrated view. Planning and management tasks are included for a comparative analysis between expected and actual activities. Planning includes simulations of alternative scenarios, whilst management enables practical applications (e.g. operational monitoring, automated controls). FO considers the hierarchical decision levels (strategic, management, operational) and provides information for both ex-ante (comparative behaviour of alternative farming systems) and ex-post evaluations (satisfying traceability and process certification purposes). An efficiency index is computed comparing actual and expected performances, providing an appraisal of different types of Sustainability aspects. FO structure allows to consider, for example, precision agriculture as technological enabler to optimize global farm performance, or the global performance of farming systems in a given region.

Authors: Pasqualina Sacco, Raimondo Gallo, Fabrizio Mazzetto

Additional Info

  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: Italy


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