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SLOC Mode Based Service Design Strategies and Practice on Ecological Agriculture

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Based on the SLOC modeand the Wangjingbeishu Farm, this paper aims to explore the specific design strategies and practices of SLOC modein guiding eco-agricultural enterprises represented by ecological farms to establish more sustainable service and business models.Through the research and the survey, three strategies of service design for the Wangjingbeishu Farm are putted forward: (1) creating the brand culture including brand images and brand stories; (2) building the Internet platform and the information management platform; (3) extending the service and continuing the experience through products. According to the strategies, the product service system is designed for the Wangjingbeishu Farm, including the system map, business model canvas, service blueprint, user journey and touch-points design that include the logo, packages, app image, app interfaces, webpage, planting box for customers and planting frame for cooperative farmers.

Authors: Lyu Ji, Miaosen Gong

Additional Info

  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: China

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