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beijing oral Peng Huanhuan

In 2003,won the British Fashion Design Award, was invited to Central Saint Martin study. In 2006,received an outstanding master's degree in British fashion design in the University College for the Creative Arts. In 2007, received the Dual Degree Master of Costume Design, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. In 2007 to the present, the Lecturer, fashion design Department of Sichuan Fine Arts institute. In 2013, Chongqing YU‘AO International Art Center held a joint creative cultural and artistic exhibition of Peng huanhuan (Fashion Design) and MaYuanyuan (Contemporary Chinese-ink Painting). In 2016, LuoZhongli Art Museum held the first personal parent-child fashion show of “Aizi.Joy”. In 2017, two national utility model patents were granted to multi-dress and shirt design work. In 2018, the “HUAN” fashion runway was held at China International Fashion Week.

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