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Cultural and Natural Heritage for All: Sustainable Fruition of Sites Beyond Physical Accessibility

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Heritage is defined as the set of all material, immaterial, natural and cultural assets, whose immense value is universal and belongs to all people, as a property of present and future world generations. It is therefore an asset to be preserved for future generations. However current design approaches used to implement existing Heritage’s promotion strategies mainly use visual-centric design approaches, as a result of the anthropologic humans’ legacy to live. Thus, people with sensorial-perceptive disabilities (i.e. blinds) are excluded from all design interventions and they rarely can enjoy of the Heritage. This paper presents the results of design researches focused on the role of Design for the inclusive and sustainable enhancement of Cultural and Natural Heritage, with an emphasis on the sensorial-perceptive fruition of sites. It combines Communication Design, Inclusive Design, Digital Modeling and Rapid Prototyping to develop a design framework useful to create sustainable and inclusive communicative solutions for the auditory-visual-haptic enhancement of Heritage.

Authors: Paola Barcarolo, Emilio Rossi

Additional Info

  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: Italy


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