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bangalore keynote Poonam Bir Kasturi

Poonam Bir Kasturi trained as an industrial designer and graduated in 1985. Her current project, called “Daily Dump – Compost at Home” began in 2006 April. So she spends her time figuring out the best way to get everyone to compost at home, make friends with maggots, and understand that having a clean city starts with how you throw away waste daily. The word “Sustainable” in her head is all about understanding the patterns of interconnectedness. Her previous work in the small-scale industry, crafts, and design education all inform her current project.

She enjoys the mundane and knows there are lots of things she does not understand, especially the idea of the imaginary number. She is the recipient of different awards, which is supposed to be a good thing people tell her, in truth, she is not so sure. She loves her family, likes sketching, enjoys being 56 and is inspired by many people who have helped her make sense of the world.

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