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beijing oral Lam Yan Yan

Dr Lam Yan Yan currently resides in Hong Kong, with her status as a design education consultant, advisor, taking her across China to different regions and universities— participating in various design education projects along with a plethora of university design educators with the aim of fostering further creative education. These projects include Creative Education Curriculum for Primary School, Creative Education Training Workshop for University Students and Designers, and researches of teaching methodology and implementation of creative education.   Currently, she is working as Distinguished Professor at Design Academy, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute ; Adjunct Associate Professor at the Faculty of Design & Environment, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, and Visiting Associate Professor at School of Design, Jiangnan University.  Dr Lam spends her time writing texts for creative education. Her inspiration for programme core focus lies with the connection between design and lifestyle — how designers should find the most aesthetic design elements through the feeling of empathy and quality of sustainability, thus creating designs that integrate seamlessly with our daily lives with the aim of maximising comfort that truly impact our lives.  

Oral Presentations:

Sustainability and Creative Education: Developing a Sustainability Culture of Higher Education in China

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