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From the perspective of "active aging" to transform the pressure of aging on social development into a driving force for sustainable development, more and more scholars begin to study how to promote the continuous social participation of the elderly. However, most of the current studies on the elderly empowerment opportunities focus on the macro level, such as the significance and policy conditions, and lack of specific strategies and methods of research and application. This article shares insights on how design empowers the elderly, based on the research practice of designers. The purpose of the study is to promote the elderly to play their subjective initiative and become the solution of community problems through design, so as to promote the sustainable development of society.

Authors: Zheng Binbin, Gong Miaosen, Yang Zi


This paper discusses the role of design in revitalizing marginalized communities facing economical, ecological, and cultural crisis. Using two rural towns in the US and China as locations for field study, this research team conducted interviews and observations, organized workshops and class projects, and participated in alternative agriculture practices to investigate opportunities for design research and design thinking methods to be utilized in the development of agricultural production, enhancement of economic growth, and improvement of community wellbeing. The paper concludes with recommendations for designers and community activists who might be interested in sustainable development for marginalized communities.

Authors: Tao Huang, Eric Anderson


Based on the SLOC modeand the Wangjingbeishu Farm, this paper aims to explore the specific design strategies and practices of SLOC modein guiding eco-agricultural enterprises represented by ecological farms to establish more sustainable service and business models.Through the research and the survey, three strategies of service design for the Wangjingbeishu Farm are putted forward: (1) creating the brand culture including brand images and brand stories; (2) building the Internet platform and the information management platform; (3) extending the service and continuing the experience through products. According to the strategies, the product service system is designed for the Wangjingbeishu Farm, including the system map, business model canvas, service blueprint, user journey and touch-points design that include the logo, packages, app image, app interfaces, webpage, planting box for customers and planting frame for cooperative farmers.

Authors: Lyu Ji, Miaosen Gong