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Sustainable design and aesthetics in the soft science age

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The research analyses the new aesthetic sensibility that arises with sustainable project, in order to answer more specifically the following questions: what influence does the culture of sustainability have on the aesthetics of contemporary design? What are the future directions of the design project in relation to the possible declinations of the relationship between ecology/aesthetics/technology?

The post-Darwinian idea of evolutionary pluralism influences sustainable design, with significant implications in our times from the point of view of the variety of methods, technologies and aesthetic parameters (M. Ceruti, 1989). The idea of a one-best-way project is extraneous to the logic of design for sustainability. Eco-sustainable design is expressed above all as a variety of strategies, an open codification of ways to travel and experiment through the project. The contribution investigates the relationship between sustainable design, aesthetics and technological imagery, to arrive at a critical analysis of a series of design aesthetics in a context such as Anthropocene.

Authors: Francesca La Rocca, Chiara Scarpitti

Additional Info

  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: Italy


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