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Zero kilometer plants production. An integrated design application

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Interest in urban agriculture as well as the various forms of zero kilometre production for domestic use, necessarily
passes through the redefinition of the parallel system of building components, both regarding technological and
innovation level of the built space, towards their progressive integration: from independent solutions or simply superimposed
on the building, towards increasingly hybrid forms, as expression of an increasingly integrated collaboration
between architecture, agriculture and design. The result is the progressive replacement of traditional products
with elements and components directly integrated in construction by composition and technology. The paper presents
the first results of the design research whose objective is to experiment the possible applications to the contexts
of the built space, to the different scales of the project, of a product system for the recycling of washing waste in a
domestic environment for the production of plants. edible products underway at the Design Department of the Milan

Authors: Attilio Nebuloni, Giorgio Buratti, Matteo Meraviglia

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  • Venue: Mexico


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