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trasTocar. Interactive art fo environmental visibilization

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The purpose of this collaboration is to offer elements for discussion on the role of intersections among art, design, and
technology in the socialization of environment problematic. To do it concretely, it is appealed the case of an interactive
piece called trasTocar (to disrupt) exhibited in Zanbatha, the municipal museum in the inner state of México.
The exposure scheme starts with the environmental situation addressed, particularly from the Anthropocene
Crutzen´s concept, to engage it with the pollution in the wetlands of the natural federal reserve next to the Lerma
river´s in Toluca Valley. Later, it is described the interactive object proposal based on cybernetic Lotman´s communication
theory which under the premise that human beings alter their environment use the digital art medium to
participate in a dialogue through interaction. Finally, the results are shown.

Authors: Ana Carolina Robles, Rodrigo Rosales

Additional Info

  • Venue: Mexico

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