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Social sustainability and virtual reality head-mounted displays: a review the use of immersive systems in aid the well-being

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This review seeks to update our knowledge about the positive effects in the use of VR head-mounted displays (HMDs)
for immersive systems in the aid of human well-being and quality of life. Through a systematic Literature review
which includes all peer-reviewed research documents that are relevant to the objective to ensure a comprehensive
search. Four research databases were identified: (I) web of Science, (II) IEEEExplore, (III) ScienceDirect and (IV)
PubMed. Only primary empirical studies on the use of HMDs were included. The review identified a number of
situations where HMDs are useful for aid and improvements of the human well-being, rehabilitation, and improvement
in the quality of life, thus, contributing in the field of sustainability study. Although there are several studies,
more research is needed on the use of this technology within settings to ensure recommendations that can implement
the improvement of use for social sustainability and sustainable development.

Authors: Antonio Oliveira, Amilton Arruda, Lorena Melo and Isabela Moroni

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  • Venue: Brasil

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