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Wicked Problems and Design in Emerging Economies: Reflections About the Design of Systemic Approaches Focused on Food and Territory

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The aim of this paper is to bring a reflection about the design of systemic approaches focused on food and territory. This broad and complex field of study can be categorized as a wicked problem (WP): a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because its deep and broad roots result in interdependent, inter-related and emergent socioeconomic and environmental impacts, for which there is no single set of objective response or approaches from a Design point of view (Rittel & Webber, 1973; Buchanan, 1992). The reflection is based on the discussion of WP theory and its relation with sustainability, followed by a brief review of the concepts of Systemic Design (SD), and its convergence towards a fresh understanding of wicked problems in the context of sustainability. With this aim, three Brazilian initiatives related to food and territory were selected to reflect on possible design contributions.

Authors: Priscilla R. Lepre, Leonardo Castillo, Lia Krucken

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  • Venue: Brasil

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