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The Ecological Aesthetic Connotations in Chinese Traditional Environment Construction Skills

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This papertries to explore the ecological aesthetic connotation of Chinese traditional environment construction skills(CTECS)from ecological benefits, ecological aesthetic experience ways, ecological aesthetic taste. (1) CTECSformed a pluralistic and complete system. Some of them arelessdamage to nature and consume less resources in the course of their creation, which arebeneficial to the sustainable development of human and nature. (2) As two common aestheticexperienceways, far view and static view, which set at the beginning of the construction of CTECS, keep a certain distance between human and nature, which have some ecological significances. (3) The creations of some of CTECS with good ecological benefits have unique aesthetic tastes which are ecological aestheticaffordances. Thestudymentioned CTECS research working hypothesis highlight new research frontiers potentially extending the aesthetic role of it under a sustainable design approach.

Authors: Tan Changliang

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  • Venue: China

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