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Research and Teaching practice of product service system applied to Distributed Economy

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In order to promote sustainable development and build ecological civilization, This paper firstly conducts a comprehensive study on the respective attributes and correlations of product service systems(PSS) and distributed economy(DE) which based on a large number of literature reviews and case studies, including method exploration, theoretical induction, practical applications and elements. Under the guidance of extracting the keywords and their potential relationships, then using the quantitative application of class III and cluster analysis methods to analyze the application status, organizational forms and method theory of the product service system applied to the distributed economy to explore more research gaps and potential development space. Secondly, the paper examines how to use the product service system to the distributed economy in the Chinese context by combining LeNSin's international network teaching practice in China with the practical design propositions, and design works cases, which based on seminars pilot courses, teaching practice, and student activities.

Authors: Yao Wang, Jun Zhang

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  • Venue: China

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