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This thesis boldly proposes the concept of sustainable “unfinishedism” (leaving development space and room for future generations). The author discovers the “unfinishedism” in the art fields through correlation research and focuses on the “unfinishedism” concept in fashion design according to her professional direction,and systematically classifies and develops the possibility of “unfinishedism”in all stages of fashion creation.

Through research and practice, a variety of clothes have been designed under the concept of “unfinishedism”,such as zero-waste clothes, multi-purpose dresses, variable colour patterns shirts, and corn Eco-fur coats... The design and implementation of this concept are expected to awaken people‘s sustainable slow fashion design concepts, taste interesting interaction, and picking up a moderate frugal lifestyle.

In the end, the author extends “unfinishedism” to non-artistic disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, ecology, and human development to analyze the significance of its existence.

Authors: Huanhuan Peng

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  • Venue: China

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